We love sharing the stories of the heroes who are the heart of DVI – our wonderful dentist volunteers.

Dr. Yulia Medovar is an immigrant from the Ukraine who arrived in Israel with her husband in 1995 after earning their dental degrees. She began volunteering in the year 2000 and quickly connected to DVI and to the purpose and mission of Trudi Birger. She cares deeply about DVI’s young patients.

Yulia was inspired and moved by Trudi and all of her incredible efforts. While volunteering at DVI, she has seen many youth grow up, gain confidence, study and improve themselves thanks to the care, love, and support they received as patients. She has witnessed the amazing way in which DVI empowers youth to escape the cycle of poverty.

Three dental assistants who work with Dr. Medovar were once patients at the clinic. What incredible stories! Three kids who had nothing, who weren’t even able to dream of dental care, never mind a career, ended up with both. All three also gave back to their country by serving in the army. They learned to care for themselves and for others. And, they learned that they were worthy of the treatment that was provided and the compassion that was shown to them at DVI. Now they are caring for others.

For 20 years, Yulia has dedicate herself to DVI. Like you, she wants to help kids heal, succeed, and smile. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, we can count on her to help DVI’s patients.

We know that our supporters are very smart. You want to know that your donation is actually going to help someone in need. As Dr. Medovar says, “When you donate money and you don’t know where it goes, it’s one thing. When you see who you’re helping, and the change it makes in them, it is very powerful. It gives both dentists and patients inspiration – we’re making a better world here at DVI.”

Your support of AFDVI allows us to provide over $150,000 in grants to DVI each year for the benefit of youth and seniors in need. Your dollars go far. In 2019 alone, DVI provided over $1.4 million in care to 2,711 youth and 154 seniors. Thanks to dentist volunteers from around the world, and local dentists like Yulia, DVI is able to make those dollars work harder and provide the kind of care that changes lives every day.

Thank you for your support over the years and especially in this particularly difficult year. Please consider another gift today. Your donation of $180 (less than 50 cents a day) will allow DVI to treat one young person for an entire year! Help one or more children today. They need you and we need you, now more than ever.