Dr. Joel Karpel of Florida has volunteered at the DVI clinic four times.  His wife Barbara, who accompanies him on the trips, has volunteered in the DVI office twice. They shared this photo with us and told us about the many things that make the trip to Israel and the DVI clinic special.


Pictured L to R:  Dr. Joel Karpel and his wife Barbara of Florida, Dr. Sue Gross of Minnesota and Dr. Fred Appelbaum of New Jersey.

What makes this photo special to us are the two dentists who volunteered with us during our September 2018 week. We were thrilled to see Dr. Susan Gross, of whom we had become rather fond the first time we met her, and our new friend, Dr. Fred Appelbaum. We spent a great deal of time with them and hope to meet there again soon!

There are many benefits we reap when volunteering at DVI. We get to spend time in Israel, a country that has ancient sites and modernities side-by-side and beyond compare. We become absorbed in a culture which is both democratic and pluralistic. Then, there’s the special benefit of providing much needed dental care to youngsters of many ethnicities; a lesson in itself.  Many of the children and young adults who receive dental card at DVI have never been to a dentist before. For us, the opportunity to meet dentists from all over the world and, in this case, forming lasting friendships stands out. While dentists volunteer their time and expertise at DVI, DVI provides us with a world of experiences that will always be cherished.

The DVI family of dentists and supporters reaches all corners of the world and we invite you to join us!

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