Dr. Sandra Florez loves being a dentist and seeing the healthy smiles of her patients. When she learned that there was an opportunity to help kids in need in Jerusalem, she made the trip to the DVI clinic. She told us, “Together, our little DVI family changed many lives, including mine, in that week. Seeing those happy faces and healthy smiles and sharing my gifts with those who are less fortunate was a most beautiful experience.”


I love what I do. As a dentist I am able to help my patients lead healthier lives starting with their teeth and gums. Seeing their healthy smiles is just one of the positives of my profession. When you see the impact you make on a person’s life, you want to find ways to expand your reach. For me, DVI is that place.

In 2015 I had the privilege of volunteering at the DVI clinic for the first time. The children and young adults I saw were in great need of treatment and I was happy to find that the clinic was well equipped to help me take care of my patients. The incredible dental assistants, the entire DVI staff and a welcoming environment made me feel like part of the family and their kindness and respect touched my heart.

I invite all dentists, including those from my country of Colombia, to join the DVI family. I know it will be as great an experience for you, as it was for me. Come join us! Learn more here.

Your financial support allows DVI to run its day-to-day operations so that our volunteers can heal kids, youth and seniors. When you volunteer or give, you help us make thousands of smiles each year.

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