In this photo taken a few years ago, D was 18 years old and in a pre-IDF program. He is one of 9 children.  Four of his siblings have also received dental treatment at DVI.  D is currently an IDF soldier and expressed his appreciation for the care he received at DVI. “I always felt better after being treated there. DVI is an excellent clinic and a place that takes care of me.”  Children and young adults whose families live below the poverty line benefit from the care they receive at DVI. Your gift allows many to improve their dental and overall health so they can stay in school and have a chance at a brighter future.


The dentist pictured alongside of D, Dr. Keis, participates in DVI’s Arab Advancement Program. Continuing the vision of DVI’s founder Trudi Birger, the clinic is an oasis where all people come together for a common cause.  Arab and Palestinian dentists have been welcomed with open arms and DVI has become the go-to place for Arab dentists to advance in Israel. Dr. Keis is one of the local Arab dentists who volunteer at DVI through the year. The very presence of Palestinian and Arab-Israeli volunteer dentists inspires needy Palestinian children and young adults. They see first-hand how important it is to work hard for their dreams and to give back to their diverse community.

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