B is an 18-year-old who lives in a shelter. She was referred to DVI by the social worker from Kidum L’noar, the municipal social welfare department working with youth-at-risk.  B is the 8th of 11 children and has been out of the house since the age of 9.  Her siblings are also in dormitories as there is no support from their parents.  B is in contact only with her grandmother and speaks fondly of the delicious food she eats when she goes to visit her occasionally for Shabbat.

B with Dr. Michael Smith of New York who has volunteered at DVI twice.


The group apartment where B lives is closed during the day, so she often wanders the streets of Jerusalem begging for money.  That is how she puts together bus fare to arrive at the DVI clinic for her treatments. She is in a difficult situation and the fact that she manages to make it to the clinic for treatment is a major accomplishment.

The staff at DVI continues to take care of her dental needs and to encourage her.  She has had cavities filled and root canal treatments in addition to x-rays and oral hygiene.

Youth-at-risk like B are looking for the support they can’t find at home.  Every small kindness they experience lifts them up and helps them see that light at the end of the tunnel.  Your kind support of dental care can be their next stepping stone to a better life.

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