The N family is a blend of Israeli, American, Russian and Persian heritage. Mrs. N, although born in Russia, has Persian roots and Mr. N is Israeli born and bred. The couple met and married in the U.S. and raised their seven children here for twelve years. Six years ago, the N’s returned to Israel. Both parents had good jobs, Mrs. N as a secretary in a private medical practice and her husband as a taxi driver, but she has lost her job and is working for minimum wage as a home attendant. The family was never in a great financial position, but now they are really struggling.


L is pictured with Dr. Bijloo from Holland who has volunteered at DVI for many years.

The children had not visited a dentist since the family returned to Israel, but one-by-one they are beginning to be seen at DVI. It came as no surprise that on her initial visit L, a seventh grader, was found to have no less than nine cavities! And the plaque on her brother’s teeth is so severe that he will require more than one dental hygiene appointment just to clear it.

The dental care and oral health education that DVI provides allows its patients to lead healthier lives. Thanks to our dentist volunteers and our supporters, struggling families like the N’s are able to get that care. Thank you!

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