American Friends of DVI - Trudi BirgerDental Volunteers for Israel was founded in 1980 by the late Trudi Birger, a Holocaust survivor, microbiologist, and dedicated humanitarian activist. Trudi was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1927.

After fleeing to Lithuania, Trudi’s family was confined by the Nazis in the Kovno Ghetto from 1941-1944. Trudi and her mother were then transferred to a Nazi concentration camp, but through her will to live, her quick wit, and her self confidence, they lived to see liberation and eventually immigrated to Israel.  After miraculously surviving Nazi persecution, Trudi vowed to make her life as meaningful as possible.

“God, I called, If I survive, I will do whatever I can to make sure that no children suffer the way I have.”
-Trudi Birger, A Daughter’s Gift of Love

“Trudi had an incredibly strong magnetic quality to her. She entered your soul with her amibitious goals and somehow, before you realized it- they were your own!”
– Dr. Deborah Weisfuse

“Trudi was the most dedicated, hard-working person I have ever met. She cared for every child as if that child were her own.”
– Dr. Fred Margolis

Over the last 36 years, thousands of dentists have volunteered their time at the clinic, providing crucial services to many thousands of needy children. When Trudi passed away in 2002, the DVI clinic was renamed the Trudi Birger Clinic in her honor.