Dr. Harry Harczstark made Aliyah from Teaneck, NJ in November 2019. Since his Bar Mitzvah, he had dreamed of moving to Israel and the time had finally arrived. He decided to start his new life in Israel by volunteering at the DVI Clinic. He wasted no time; volunteering in January, just one month after his arrival!

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit and international dentists were forced to cancel their flights to Israel, the clinic called Dr. H and asked if he would fill in. Dr. H came through! He told us, “I heard that dentists from abroad couldn’t get here. I considered the fact that I’m older and at risk. But, when they told me that DVI would have to temporarily close its doors if volunteer dentists were unable to help, I decided to trust to HaShem and collect my mitzvoth.

Thanks to acts of kindness from local dentists like Dr. H, the clinic has remained open to care for the needs of patients with dental emergencies. One of the patients Dr. H saw during this time was a young man whom we will call Y. His family has a long history with DVI. Y and his five siblings are patients of DVI and have had many treatments throughout the years, including general check-ups, x-rays, and oral hygiene treatments. They have had cavities filled, root canals and extractions. All of this care has been possible thanks to the kindness of volunteers like Dr. H and the generosity of financial supporters like you.

Y’s mother noted how special DVI is, “DVI’s warmth and genuine concern for their patients in conjunction with the high level of dental care my children receive here are true blessings.” Together we are providing relief from dental pain and improving the oral and overall health of entire families; giving them hope for a brighter, healthier future.
We have seen many acts of kindness in our own communities and throughout the world in the last few months. You can do something today that will help kids like Y feel better right away. Help us heal those who need us most in this trying time. Please give today!