Dentist volunteers allow the DVI Trudi Birger Clinic to provide desperately needed treatment to Jerusalem’s underprivileged children.

The week of April 13th is National Volunteer Week and American Friends of DVI honors the hundreds of dentist volunteers who provide state-of-the-art dental care each year to Jerusalem’s neediest children and at-risk youth of all ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Since it first opened its doors, in 1980, over 4,500 dentists from more than 33 countries have volunteered their professional services with DVI. Dental volunteers have a profound and unique experience through their heartwarming interactions with the children and meeting other dentists. Even more diverse in background than DVI’s patients, our dentist volunteers come from all corners of the world and set a powerful example of tsedaka (charity) in Jerusalem.

In 2015 alone, 62 dentists from the U.S. volunteered at the clinic. They are:


  • Bram Alster, NJ
  • Marshall Alter, NJ
  • Gisele Arnaud, NY
  • Jacob Bagley, NJ
  • Murray Baruch, MI
  • Neil Benson, NJ
  • Sheldon Bernick, PA
  • Lenny Bers, MD
  • Roy Carlson, WA
  • John Case, TX
  • Marina Chernin, NJ
  • Jae Dae Choi, TX
  • Young Jin Choi, TX
  • Ana Cohen, NY
  • Yaneav Cohen, AZ
  • Scott Dubowsky, NJ
  • Amy Dukoff, NY
  • David Ehrenberg, NJ
  • Paul Fleisher, FL
  • Sandra Florez, VA
  • Ann Freedman, FL
  • Luis Giraldo, GA
  • Dov Glazer, LA
  • Frank Gober, FL
  • Joel Goldberg, FL
  • Sue Gross, MN
  • James Haas, NH
  • Richard Holiday, NY
  • Susan Holiday, NY
  • Dov Hook, NJ
  • Edward Jutkowitz, NY
  • George Kafka, NJ
  • Donald Kalfus, NJ
  • Joel Karpel, FL
  • Steve Katz, CT
  • Robin Katzman, FL
  • Jack Klausner, FL
  • Joseph Kornbleuth, NJ
  • Ira Levinsky, OH
  • Bruce Matis, IN
  • Neil Melker, NJ
  • Sandra Molinas, NY
  • Howard Peskin, SC
  • Nechama Pielet, NY
  • Saul Pressner, NY
  • Robert Seltzer, FL
  • Stuart Shaffren, NY
  • Bruce Sherizen, MI
  • Ken Simckes, NY
  • Michael Smith, NY
  • Robert Spoont, FL
  • Arlene Stein, CO
  • Lennie Stern, FL
  • Samuel Taller, NJ
  • Paul Trombly, MA
  • Karen Walters, TX
  • Mark Webman, FL
  • Jeffrey Weinfeld, MI
  • David Weinstein, NY
  • Beth Weinstein-Kohler, NY
  • Barry Weintraub, NY
  • Neil Zane, NY

Please join us as we thank and honor all DVI volunteers for the selfless work they do year-after-year. They are healing the world, one smile at a time!

We invite you to visit our Volunteer page to learn more about volunteering at the clinic or our Donation page to make a gift in their honor. Or, you may wish to join us for DVI’s 35th Anniversary Gala, Peace Starts with a Smile, on Sunday evening, November 29, 2015 at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City.  Register here.