A, pictured with Dr. Diamond who is an annual volunteer from western Canada, is 17 years old. He is a good student in a pre-military high school where he is majoring in electronics. He takes good care of his teeth and comes to the DVI clinic for regular check-ups and treatment. Thanks to dentist volunteers from around the world and our financial supporters, we can make sure that A continues to care for his oral health so that he can stay in school, reach his goals and have a bright future ahead.


Although many of DVI’s patients are veterans or family members of soldiers, it is rare to see a patient arrive at the clinic in uniform, as those in active service are required to receive their medical treatments through the IDF. Currently in eleventh grade, he plans to continue his studies there for two years post high school and then make the IDF his career. The tan air force uniform has already become a part of his daily life. He hopes to one day train pilots or serve as an engineer for the Israeli air force.

Just as A is a serious student, he also takes good care of his teeth. As a youngster he needed to have a baby tooth pulled but now his visits consist of x-rays, fillings and dental hygiene treatments. It is easy to see why A succeeds so well in life. He has a winning personality! Committed to his studies but also an avid athlete, he enjoys soccer, American football and basketball. He has a keen sensitivity to accents, often fooling people into thinking he is a native English speaker. He attributes this skill to his love of books and movies and his mimicking accents when he was a child.

A has two sisters, one older and one younger. His father works as a cook and his mother is a hairstylist and does make-up. Clearly A’s work ethic and sincere desire to help others are lessons he learned from his parents!

Kids like A deserve good things. The care DVI provides lifts a burden from hard-working families that are still unable to pay for dental care. You can help A and others stay healthy!

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