S is 24 and one of nine children. She came to DVI from Kidum L’Noar, the municipal social welfare department working with youth-at-risk. S cannot support herself with her part-time job as a lifeguard so she lives with her mother and siblings. Because she is self-conscious about the way her teeth look, she is hesitant to go to university or apply for certain jobs. The care that DVI provides to young adults in need like S builds confidence and improves their oral and overall health; helping to break the cycle of poverty.


S is pictured with Dr. Donald Kalfus of Vermont who has volunteered at DVI for many years.

M is the younger sister of S. She 18 years old and in 12th grade. M is also a patient at DVI and feels that she is getting excellent care there. The two sisters may receive free dental care at DVI until the age of 26.

This care is possible thanks to the over 100 dentists from around the world who volunteer at DVI each year and our financial supporters and corporate sponsors.  It take a world of friends to make Jerusalem smile!  Please consider a gift today.

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