The R Family’s children, all thirteen of them, have been patients of DVI over the years. All six boys and seven girls have been treated by various dental volunteers at the clinic. Today they range in age from eleven-and-a-half to thirty. Even their grandmother is a DVI patient, having received free dentures through our Smiles for Seniors program for needy seniors and Holocaust survivors! Your support helps us heal whole families!


Pictures L to R:  Dr. Epel, A and Dr. Levy outside of the DVI Clinic.

The R children were living with an abusive father and a mother with mental health issues due to that abuse.  The children were removed from their home and put into group homes. This has caused the children to suffer greatly. Although some have had a tougher time, others have persevered and gone on to be successful in their studies and professions.

Ariel, the twelve-and-a-half-year-old has recently undergone a series of treatments at the DVI clinic including fillings for multiple cavities, sealants and oral hygiene care. When his special educational program in the Old City closed, he was integrated into a different one and skipped a grade. He is very bright but suffers from abandonment issues and other psychological disorders due to his family situation.

Whether families struggle financially or suffer abuse, the compassionate care our dentist volunteers provide show children, young adults and the elderly that there are people who care about their well-being and want the best for them. With your support, the clinic can continue to treat Jerusalem’s most vulnerable.

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