Meet Dr. Diana Gonzalez. She is a DVI dentist volunteer who lives in Israel. As international volunteers were forced to cancel travel to Israel due to the COVID-19 outbreak, she answered the call to help. Dr. Gonzalez first volunteered at DVI in February and jumped back in when we needed her the most. She has wholeheartedly offered to volunteer at the clinic whenever necessary during this period and we are extremely grateful for her compassion and kindness!

Dr. Gonzalez graduated from dental school in Colombia, South America in 2004 and began treating patients there and thinking about volunteering her services. She had heard about DVI and in 2016 contacted the clinic to express her desire to help. At the time, there was unrest in the region and she was concerned about her safety. A friend put her in touch with a young man who lived in Jerusalem’s Old City, knowing that he would be able to give her more information about traveling to Israel. They began writing to each other and he invited her to go to Jerusalem for Christmas to see for herself how safe and special it really was. She took him up on the invitation and the rest is history! They fell in love and married in September of 2018, and Dr. Gonzalez now resides with her husband in the Old City.

DVI really does bring people together in many ways!


Help us celebrate Dr. Gonzalez, the many volunteers who are stepping up to help right now, and all those who have given their time and skills throughout 40 years to help ease the suffering of Jerusalem’s needy youth and seniors. Your financial support allows them to provide desperately needed dental care at no cost to DVI’s patients.

Please give today! Help us continue to make smiles at DVI during this difficult time and beyond.