Every day is a good deeds day at DVI, but to celebrate National Good Deeds Day in a very special way DVI provided free dental care and oral hygiene education to several dozen children from Arazim (Cedars) School for Special Education, a special needs school serving students aged 6-11 who are victims of domestic violence, neglect or other family issues and suffering from behavioral or other issues, and Beit Lynn Schusterman, a shelter serving children aged 4-13 who have been removed from their family home due to abuse, neglect and the like.

The children also interacted with a medical clown who helped ease their anxiety in the waiting room and as they received treatment. DVI is truly a place of hope, healing and love where all are welcome.

Read the article “Yom Hama’asim Tovim At DVI – Dental Volunteers For Israel” in The Yeshiva World.

Pictures (L to R): A dental hygienist demonstrates proper brushing technique, kids practice brushing with puppets and interact with a medical clown.