Dr. David Gleaner recruited a team of amazing DVI volunteers to man the AFDVI booth at the New Jersey Dental Association 2016 Garden State Dental Conference & Expo on May 6th and 7th.  We thank Dr. Gleaner, Dr. Bruce Silver, Dr. Marshall Alter, and AFDVI President, Dr. Scott Dubowsky for sharing their experiences as DVI volunteers with those at the conference.  We also thank all those who visited with them to learn more about how they can help Jerusalem’s neediest children and young adults receive the dental care they need.

We’re always looking for dedicated dentists to volunteer at DVI.  Spend one week or more in Jerusalem and help our kids smile again!  Volunteer today!

Drs. Gleaner, Silver & Dubowsky

Dr. Marshall Alter

Your gift of $180 can provide dental treatment to one child for an entire year.  Please make your gift today.