Who are DVI’s patients?

DVI’s patients are referred to the clinic by the municipality’s Social Welfare Service, at-risk youth centers, domestic violence shelters, and homeless shelters in Jerusalem. Children and youth treated at the clinic range from 4 to 26 years of age. Many of these children and youth are seeing a dentist for the first time in their life.

Underprivileged seniors ages 65 and older, including Holocaust survivors, receive free preliminary care and dentures through the Smiles for Seniors program.

How can I support DVI?

DVI’s operating budget is largely dependent upon the generosity of individual donors and small family foundations, so the best way to show your support is to make a donation to American Friends of DVI. It costs about $180 to provide care to one child for one year. Click here to make a donation online, or send a check made payable to American Friends of DVI to 57 East 72nd Street, Suite #1B New York, NY 10021.

What are the requirements to volunteer at the clinic?

DVI welcomes applications from dentists who have been licensed for at least two years, and who feel comfortable doing operative dentistry on children. Pediatric dentists and Endodontists are especially encouraged to apply. Though we would like to accept all potential volunteers, we are unfortunately unable to accept dental assistants, dental students, or hygienists.  A $360 Volunteer Registration Fee (a tax-deductible donation) is required.  Click here to learn more about volunteering.

Are there any accommodations provided for volunteers?

DVI provides volunteers and their families with cost- free apartments located in Jerusalem. All apartments are available from Friday around noon to the following Friday until nine a.m. Both of these times can be flexible, but details must be arranged in advance. Click here for more details on DVI’s apartments.

What are the hours of operation for the dental clinic?

The clinic is open for a four-day work week, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. The clinic hours are from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Sunday thru Tuesday and from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Thursday. The clinic operates 50 weeks out of the year except for legal Israeli holidays.

How do I initiate the process of volunteering?

To volunteer please complete the On-line Application Form or print, complete, and fax or email, the Paper Application to Sharon Spira at 972-2-678-4737 or international@dental-dvi.org.il.

Does the DVI clinic have a routine clinical staff?

The DVI clinic has a Director, Dr. Roy Petel, who is a pediatric dentist. He is present at every clinic period and supervises all the work produced. The clinic has at least four multi-lingual dental assistants who are each assigned to a doctor for every clinic period. There is also a full-time hygiene program working at the same time as all clinic appointments.

Is there a U.S. doctor I can speak to about the volunteer process and experience?

Yes, Dr. Michele Schultz-Robins is the President of AFDVI and would be happy to answer any questions you may have about DVI. You may contact her by phone at (908) 675-6153 or email her at micheleschultzrobinsdmd@gmail.com. Dr. Schultz-Robins has volunteered many times and is very familiar with the experience.