There is an old rabbinic belief that there are thirty-six righteous people on the planet who keep the world in balance.

Trudi Birger was clearly one of those people. She was an exceptional person who reached inside everyone she met to speak directly to their heart. She exemplified what it means to be a good person. Anyone who knew her spoke of her amazing love and energy.

I’m happy to see that her dream is still alive in the DVI clinic today.

When you volunteer to work in the clinic, there is a moment during the week when you lift your mask and see the parents and children of different races, religions and nationalities standing together around the dental chairs. It’s a perfect world for those few hours when all the conflicts are left behind to focus on one thing – helping one another.

That is Trudi’s message for all of us. Even if it’s fixing a simple filling, we can all heal the world by helping those in need.

Please join us with your gift or by volunteering one week or more.

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