AFDVI is excited to announce an amazing tour of Israel April 25-May 5, 2013! It promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and the best part is that part of the proceeds will be donated to the DVI Clinic. This tour is ideal for dentists and non-dentists alike: it includes 12 CE credits, and plenty of activities for non-dentists to fill the time during lectures. Tour highlights include Jerusalem (including a visit to the DVI clinic), Haifa, Akre, Rosh Hanikra, Golan Heights, Galilee, and the Dead Sea. The tour will provide a unique experience of Israel for those who have never visited, as well as those who have been many times. The tour is led by Moshe Mizrachi, a former paratrooper in the IDF who served in three of Israel’s wars. Moshe will add a deeper understanding and appreciation for Israel’s history and it’s complexity. For more information, follow the links below, or contact Judy Mizrachi at or 614-581-4251.


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