Monday, May 22, 2017 – Dr. Scott Dubowsky, AFDVI President

Most people know that the DVI clinic offers free dental care to underserved children and youth.  Did you know that it also provides oral health education to its patients and their parents?  The oral health classroom is complete with sinks, stepstools, mirrors, display cabinets, benches, instructional posters and models, and more.  Kids learn how to take care of their teeth at home with a progressive curriculum that includes how to brush teeth properly, how to use floss, how food affects oral health, and smoking and oral health.

Today, many roads leading to the clinic were closed due to President Trump’s arrival and some patients were unable to get to the clinic, so it was a bit of a slow day.  After our last patient, I decided that a sorbet was calling my name, so I walked over to the Old Train Station and, to my surprise, the president’s helicopter and about a dozen others landed about 150 meters from where I was!  Never a dull moment around here!








Sunday, May 21, 2017 – Dr. Scott Dubowsky, AFDVI President

Each time I come to DVI to volunteer I’m just as excited as the time before, and today was no different.  The clinic is busy, patients are happy to be receiving treatment, and the dental assistants are as terrific as always.  Lots of smiles all around, including my fellow AFDVI board member and volunteer, Dr. Lenny Bers!  The day at the clinic ends at around noon time and I was off to grab a bite to eat and walk around for a while.  The city is getting ready for President Trump’s visit, with barricades in many places and tight security.  They are also preparing for the Jerusalem Day celebrations which will take place Tuesday night through Wednesday.  There’s a lot going on and many streets are closed, but I was able to walk over to the Old City Market (shouk) to see all the wares for sale there.  Many sights, sounds and delicious smells to take in.  I also stopped at the Mamilla Mall where old meets new. The mall has an open air promenade, boutiques and coffee shops.  It was another great day in Jerusalem!







Friday, May 19, 2017 – by Dr. Scott Dubowsky, AFDVI President

The day that most DVI dentist volunteers arrive in Israel is Friday. They are provided accommodations, in a DVI apartment and at no charge, during their volunteer week…what a terrific perk of volunteering! But, I like to arrive at least one day early to get used to the time difference, to explore Jerusalem and to be well rested for Sunday, the first work day at DVI.

On my first full day to explore Jerusalem, I met with fellow AFDVI Board member, Keith Drayer. He’s from New York and I’m from New Jersey and yet here we are, many miles from home, talking about a place that’s very dear to both of us, the DVI clinic. As AFDVI board members we advocate for, and champion the work of the clinic no matter where we are, and it brings us great joy.

After meeting with Keith I went to the Machane Yehuda Market. It is the largest market in Jerusalem with over 250 vendors selling everything from fruit and vegetables to specialty foods, and clothing to Judaica. It’s bustling with activity, especially as people prepare for Shabbat. I also went to the Kotel, the Western Wall, which is the most significant site in the world for the Jewish people. They come from around the world to pray and write notes to place between the ancient stones of the wall. Whether you’re volunteering at DVI or just vacationing in Israel, you’ll find history, tradition and beauty all around!









Thursday, May 18, 2017 – by Dr. Scott Dubowsky, AFDVI President

Today I arrived in Israel and headed straight to the DVI clinic where I was happy to see fellow AFDVI Board Member Dr. Lenny Bers of Maryland, and to meet Drs. Ariel Levy of New York and John Case of Texas.  We’re practically neighbors in the U.S, but we meet here, many miles from home, to help Jerusalem’s most vulnerable receive the care they need and deserve.  We agree that it’s a journey worth taking; you can see it in our smiles.  All three have been volunteering since Sunday, and today, the last work day of the week, we’re celebrating and thanking Drs. Levy and Case who will be heading home tomorrow.  Dr. Bers will be staying one more week and I look forward to working alongside him.  For now, it’s time to get a little rest and explore a little of Jerusalem before we get to work on Sunday morning.

Pictured L to R:  DVI Director General Dr. Roy Petel, AFDVI Board Member Dr. Lenny Bers, AFDVI President Dr. Scott Dubowsky, Dr. Ariel Levy and Dr. John Case