keith-drayer-running2On November 4th, AFDVI Vice President Keith Drayer will run in his first New York City Marathon! Keith has been training all year, an raising money for causes that are close to his heart along the way. DVI will benefit from Keith’s hard work and the generosity of his friends family and colleagues who generously donated to his campaign. Thanks, Keith, for going those extra 26.2 miles for DVI and the children of Jerusalem! In addition to writing many letters and appealing for donations directly, Keith’s fundraising was helped by a wonderful website:, where donors are able to contribute to Keith’s campaign and their contributions are forwarded directly to American Friends of DVI. If you’ve ever considered starting your own campaign to raise funds for DVI — perhaps in lieu of gifts for a bar/bat mitzvah or birthday — is a great place to start. It’s easy to set up your own page, and it’s free!