The S Family of six girls, ages 6-17, currently lives in Jerusalem. Just living together as a family in Jerusalem has been a challenge for this Palestinian family. Mr. S first managed to organize this in 1996 under the family reunification law. Until the year 2016, even though the family lived in Jerusalem, he was unable to work because of his residential status, possessing a green identity card and not a blue one. Finally in 2016, Mr. S was issued a blue identity card and was able to look for work in Jerusalem. He is trained as a printing machine repairman, however this is a business that has seen a major decrease in revenues due to modern technology. As a result the S Family continues to struggle and lives below the poverty line. They were referred to DVI through the welfare department.


Pictured L to R: I with Dr. Rayid; A with Dr. Passoff; and R with Dr. Schaller

The S Family children have been treated at DVI since their youth.  As a result, they haven’t needed any major dental work. They come to the DVI clinic for regular checkups, x-rays, oral hygiene instruction and treatments. Mr. S could not adequately express his appreciation for DVI, citing the superb professional treatment and caring individuals he has encountered each time his girls were treated there.

The girls have many hopes and dreams for their futures. They are all excellent students. One plans to be an electrical engineer, another an optometrist, and another a surgeon.  Bright futures ahead!

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