Colorado dentists Dr. Arlene Stein and Dr. Vlad Twerskoi recently volunteered in the DVI clinic and are featured in newspaper articles in their state.

Dr. Stein’s article appeared in the Intermountain Jewish News on August 8th. Read it here.

Dr. Twerskoi’s article appeared in the Russian Language newspaper Gorizont (Horizon) on September 3rd. Because the article is in Russian, we’ve translated a portion below. Or click here to read the article in Russian and to see a photo of Dr. Twerskoi in the clinic (Page 12).

Dr. Vladislav Twerskoi, DDS (USA), DDS (Germany), PHD, is well known to our readers and many of his patients at the Denver Implant Center. He is the first among the Russian-speaking dentists in Colorado to participate in the DVI (Dental Volunteers for Israel) volunteer program. Dr. Twerskoi, a renowned expert who studied dentistry in West Berlin, did his residency in Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital, defended his dissertation (PhD, Humboldt University), and for many years practiced in Germany and the United States, visited Jerusalem this summer, where he donated his invaluable expertise and a week of free work to the Israeli dental clinic’s patients.

The newspaper “Horizon” is pleased to introduce this wonderful program to its readers. We are confident that the experience of the doctor from the Russian city of Tver will resonate with many Colorado dentists who may like to contribute to the noble cause of assisting Israeli children and at-risk youth, as well as to encounter this unforgettable experience themselves.

We thank Drs. Stein and Twerskoi for the commitment and dedication to the DVI clinic!